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Open Up to Fight Corona
Don’t give in to despair, Open Up to what you can do! With your purchase of this special Corona T-shirt, you will contribute to a charity of your choice. We have pre-selected the Food Bank and the National Elderly Fund. Make your choice! We will make our profit available for this. The total donated amount will be shown at our Facebook page. Fight Corona and Open Up!
Our mission
With “Open Up” we communicate our open view to the world. We don’t judge, we don’t distinguish, but help where we can. We want to share the feeling that this is a situation we can overcome together. With each other, for each other. With your ‘Open Up’ T-Shirt you may inspire others to help where we can, however we can. Listen to each other stories, concerns and be open to those who can use our help. Customize 'Open Up' yourself to show your concern, whilst being proud with our specially made T-shirts
Be part of us
A lot of people now have all the time of the world. Don’t come closer than the 1.5 meter and you can still do a lot. From cleaning up your yard to singing an aria in the garden of the local nursing home. Send cards to those who shouldn’t be visited. Be part of this growing group. Open Up is for everyone who wants to fight against the negativity and the all compassing pessimism. Together we can do much more than we think. Even beat this. We will come out of this as better people.